Some Butter?

Over Christmas, a family friend laughed at me because I made everything from scratch but I served butter from a “Land o’Lakes” fancy yellow tub.

SO – I made butter!!  And let me tell you….. It was SO good!!  And SO easy!!

What you need:

Heavy Whipping Cream

A hand mixer

Garlic or Honey (optional)

A piece of scrap cloth

Pour your cream into a bowl.  Turn on the hand mixer and prepare to stand there for a while.


After a short while, the cream will begin to turn a butter color, the it will begin to solidify and later separate.


Once the consistency reminds you of butter, pour the butter into the cloth.  Wrap it tight and drain out any liquid.  Once liquid is drained, you have a beautiful ball of butter.


If at this point you would like to add garlic or honey, mix it into the already made butter and then drain out extra liquids with the cloth again.

Baby Food

When my daughter was a baby, I looked a million websites and I learned one thing……… there are no real “RULES” when it comes to baby food.  The combinations are endless and can be so much fun!!

The Princess’s First Foods:

  1. Banana
  2. Avocado
  3. Peas
  4. Carrots
  5. Sweet Potato
  6. Apple

I did not use Rice cereal, but used Barley and Oatmeal cereal instead.  The Princess never knew the difference and seemed happy with pretty much anything I made her (back then, she wasn’t so picky).

To prepare baby food:

Put item in blender and add water until you get to a baby food consistency (this is not necessary for avocado and banana as you can just mash them up).  For sweet potatoes and carrots, once they are cooked, you can either mash them or stick them in the blender.  I used ice cube trays to store her food and once frozen, put the cubes into Ziploc bags.  Spending a few hours on the weekend preparing food for the week allows you more time with your Prince or Princess during the week.  It is recommended that you watch for allergies for several days (ask a pediatrician) before trying a new food.

Once we discovered that she didn’t have any issues with any of the starter foods, the real fun began.

Some of our favorite combos and secondary foods:

  1. beets (I found mine at a local orchard/farm)
  2. blueberry, banana, barley (you can buy fresh barley at the grocery and prepare at home)
  3. chicken, peas and carrots
  4. raspberry, peach and oatmeal
  5. chicken and kale (from local farm)

Once the Princess got a bit older and was ready for stage 2 foods, I fed her whatever we were eating (within reason).  If I had mac and cheese, so did she.  I just put these adult entrees (Mac and Cheese is TOTALLY an adult entrée) in the blender.

Have you discovered any great baby food combos?